Whether your company is the end user or a supplier to the end user, Polyfab and its strategic alliance partners have the dedicated staff, customer service, equipment, technology and experience to partner with clients on projects today and to build long-term working relationships going forward.

From our Customers:

“We are on our 5th order with Polyfab. Each time we have gone out and had at least three vendors bid on the items and receive samples in. We even made a big effort to source from a local vendor this last time, but the quality and price just couldn’t match Polyfab Display Company’s quality / price ratio.”

Melanie from McMinnville School District.

“Polyfab made the procurement process super easy for me – I literally asked for a quote, submitted the order, and received the products needed on time.”

Melek with Virginia Department of Veteran Services

“Super job on the display! I love it!”

Connie with Dog Speak

“Our seven (7) locations were able to coordinate and change orders with Polyfab keeping track of each location’s needs while allowing for central billing. This effective management of our project allowed for quick delivery of their products with no problems reported.”

Greg with Jersey College School of Nursing

Polyfab stands as a proven supplier in the Point-of-Purchase / Point-of-Sale (POP/POS) industry today for Retail Merchandisers, Product and Display Manufacturers & Distributors and Designers.



Acrylic | Metal | Wood


Hand-Fabrication of Sheet, Rod and Tube Plastics
CNC Cutting / Machining
Laser Cutting of Acrylic, Paper, Wood and other materials up to 1” thick
Laser Engraving of Acrylics, Wood, Metals and other materials
Digital Printing
Plastics Sheet Material Supplier

POLYFAB DISPLAY COMPANY is here to assist you in keeping your workplace virus free. We manufacture a number of standard COVID-19 items that can be quickly sent to your location. Do not see what you are looking for? No problem. We offer custom sizes and designs.

Polyfab provides product displays and fixtures to some of the most recognizable brands across many industries. Some of our satisfied customers include: