The art of the sale is heavily dependent upon presentation, and how you choose to present your product to potential customers can often the mean difference between the success and failure. With that in mind, you need to invest in attractive displays to show off and highlight your merchandise in a way that is conducive to commerce. One of the best investments can be found in acrylic display stands, a relatively low-cost way to put together an effective merchandising package.

Here are five ideas on how you can use acrylic display stands to better sell your product.

Face Front

One of the most time-tested ways to display your product is the good old fashioned front-facing rack. It may work best for you if you are displaying goods that people are used to comparing side by side. Popular products for the front-facing rack include items such as greeting cards and magazines. Acrylic display stands are well-suited to this kind of display because they are lightweight even if they are very large and can be easily relocated anywhere in your retail space with minimal hassle.

Don’t Be Afraid To Stack

Since acrylic display stands are so lightweight, they can often be displayed on counter tops or on top of other displays. Placing a stand on top of glass display cases can often put your product right where you need it to be in order to make the sale. This is very effective at cosmetic counters and jewelry displays, where customers may come to see what is under the glass but have less expensive options above the glass catch their eye. These counter-top options can turn a casual browser into a buyer.

Make It Spin

Yet another advantage of acrylic display stands is that they can be designed as a rotating display that allows your customers to spin the display while they are browsing. It is a very popular option for items such as postcards and paperback books. There is an obvious advantage when it comes to being able to maximize the amount of product that can be displayed in one place, but there is another reason why they are effective. Human beings are naturally curious, and they will often take the time to spin the display just to see the portion that is out of their sight. Getting a customer physically engaged with your product is key to maintaining their interest and can get you the sale.

Suspend Their Disbelief

Since they are lightweight and versatile, acrylic displays can be mounted on the wall or even on windows. Transparent displays can give the illusion that your product is suspended in midair in your storefront’s window, and this eye-catching display is one sure way to pique interest and get a window shopper to walk into your store. It can also help to maximize your floor space, putting popular lightweight products at or just above eye level. This is a great way to display periodicals and seasonal items such as calendars.

Get To The Point

The point of sale is one of the most important places in your store, and when a customer approaches it, they are already a motivated buyer. It is here that it is easiest to make further sales. Having a display on or near your point of sale can net you great sales on impulse-buy items such as candy or snacks. It also works spectacularly to use small gifts and cute toys.

Take advantage of these five ways to make more retail sales, and you will soon find that your investment in acrylic display stands was well worth it.