Wow, you cannot believe how much work went into finding or making a product to sell!  With that part of your plan checked off, you dived into the next phase of the process, making contacts to find an avenue in which you can sell your product.

After a lot of due diligence and meetings with many different people justifying the viability of your product, you have finally captured the attention of a retailer.  Among the many tasks that the retailer gave you to complete before launching your product, you find out that it is your responsibility to provide an Acrylic display case with your product.  And to top it off, you have to absorb the cost! 

Your first reaction is to re-read that clause and then to panic.  How will you cover the cost, and where are you going to find an Acrylic display case?  I have listed 3 tips below to help guide you through the process of buying an Acrylic display case.

Tip #1 – Faith in Your Product

At first glance, you may think this is a silly tip.  If you did not have faith in your product, you would not be at this point.  However, when a product manufacturer or distributor looks at the initial investment of a display, they become overwhelmed.  The best thing to remember is that the cost is not just being absorbed by the first round of sales but also by many sales rounds.  This is where faith plays a part.  In budgeting, you need to determine the net profit.  Adding in the cost of the display in the first round of sales may result in you making a small profit or break even.  In the second round of sales, you restock your display, and sales continue.  After all your product has sold the second time around, your profit is now higher because you do not have to expense the cost of the display again.  The third round results again in higher profit because the sales are now covering the other initial investments.  When you average the cost of the display over 3 rounds of sales, it becomes a much smaller investment.  A single Acrylic display case can have a shelf life of five to ten years.  How many of your products can sell during that time?  As you can see, the cost of the display ends up becoming irrelevant by that time as it has not become just an expense, but an avenue to profits.

Tip #2 – Stock Display

If you are in the beginning stages of selling your product and the retailer has not required a custom display to match their interior design, then you can consider a stock display.  There are many different styles of stock displays and a variety of sizes.  If your product can fit into one of them, then you may reduce your initial cost.  As your sales increase, you can then go to a custom display.  Polyfab Display Company specializes in custom Acrylic display cases; however, we are also a distributor of stock displays.  So, do not worry; we can help you with either a stock acrylic display case or a custom acrylic display case.  Some people get worried about a custom display.  With a medium production run, a custom case can cost the same as a standard case.

Tip #3 – Quantity

Whenever possible, purchase the largest amount you can afford.  Prices drop when buying in quantity, just the same as with your product.  Do not let storage be a hindrance.  We can help you with storage.

In our next blog, “Bulk Ordering an Acrylic Display Case: What You Should Know,” we will show you how we can help you with the cost.