With a clear appearance and well-defined edges, acrylic display cases provide a modern look while still serving to highlight specific items and to avoid drawing too much attention on their own.

Most acrylic products are created through one of two techniques, each of which has its own advantages. If you’re looking for acrylic products that are mostly going to be hidden from view while holding up other things, then the extruded acrylic process can help you get the products you want while keeping the price low. The other manufacturing technique, usually referred to as cast acrylic, is a somewhat more expensive option that focuses on making the purest and most durable product – and adds improved strength to any product that needs additional shaping.

The following are some of the most common forms of acrylic display cases, each of which is designed for different uses in-home or office settings.


Stackable Bins

These bins offer simple, straightforward storage of a variety of materials. On top of being easy to clean, clear bins also offer a quick, one-glance way to see how empty they are, and can easily fit into a variety of spaces around the home or office.


Acrylic boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from straightforward cubes to angled-top boxes, boxes with slits in the top for letters, and in enough varieties of colors to fit in with just about any decoration scheme. Be sure to pay special attention to the measurements for boxes while ordering to ensure that the end product is suitable for your needs.

Adjustable Trays

These trays offer an easy way to quickly sort and store smaller goods like jewelry, candles, and certain craft supplies. An easy adjustment system allows for the container to be changed at any time, allowing for objects of various sizes to be placed inside of it. Adjustable trays also serve well as holders for stamps and similar, frequently-used items that need to be kept neatly organized.

Divided Bins

Like stackable bins, divided bins are intended to help you store a lot of things at once – from smaller, loose items to a highlighted product and its accessories, you can move the dividers around to create the right size and number of bins. Divided bins are one of the largest forms of acrylic display cases and usually work best if placed on top of other storage for easy access.

Types of Acrylic Display Cases 


Serving to hold just about anything you can imagine, easels are a simple and straightforward display tool that can help draw attention to any sort of product. Office locations with a lot of art to display will find particular value in custom easels, but any location with a need to publicly display something can quickly learn the value of these tools.

Silverware Displays

Though often used for table settings, silverware displays are also an excellent choice for holding up any other tall, narrow items. Pens, tubes, toys, and similar items can all be sorted and put up for display, allowing customers to view them from a variety of angles (and have an easy time picking out the item they want).

Acrylic Blocks

The simple act of raising a product can help to elevate it from the crowd and attract the notice of customers. These blocks can be placed in a variety of places – inside of display cabinets is probably the most popular choice, but your options are limited only by your imagination.


Risers are very similar to acrylic blocks in that they’re designed to hold items up for display – but unlike blocks, they typically come as a set with a variety of heights, allowing you to display many items at the same time. Risers are excellent supports for trophies but can be used in just about any other circumstance where you need to display things in order of importance.

Tiered Step Display

These displays, which are available in both solid and knock-down forms, are a larger version of the basic risers. The solid design of these displays helps it to hold up the weight of the many products that can be placed upon it, and the various steps are excellent at keeping every item high and noticeable instead of letting them get buried in a bin somewhere. These acrylic display cases are especially valuable for businesses, but like adjustable trays, they may also see use in any office where some items are used on a frequent basis and need to be stored in a way offering easy access.

Interlocking Stair Display

Closely related to risers and tiered step displays, these acrylic display cases are designed to be easier to transport while still offering an attractive display setting. In fact, they have minimal visual impact when compared to some other risers, making them an excellent choice if you need to highlight several larger items (such as purses or cans).

Ornament Holders

These are a special option among acrylic display cases, with an emphasis on minimal presence and a stable, well-balanced base. Some items simply aren’t meant to be supported from the bottom, and these affordable set pieces can be used individually or in bulk to hold up anything normally hung from the top.


Acrylic display cases can be shaped in just about any way you can imagine, so if you haven’t seen anything here that looks like what you need, ask about a custom order for your business.

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