What is the difference between these two displays?








Only the Height.

The Width and Depth are the same, but the Height has changed.

A very important tip in saving money on a Custom Acrylic Display Case is realizing that every time the size of your display goes into another foot of material or another 6 inches within that foot, the yield of material changes. That translates into a higher cost display.

The display on the left at 18 1/2” high costs $101.59. The display on the right at 24” high costs $111.47. The difference is $9.88. If you were to purchase 50 of these, the difference is $9.88 x 50 for a total of $494.00; 100 would be a difference of $988.00.

Designing your display so that you get the best yield of material and still fit your product is a definite money-saving factor.

Here at Polyfab Display Company, we receive many phone calls for cases that are 12 inches wide, 24 inches wide, 36 inches wide or 48 inches wide. We help those customers save money by just reducing the size slightly to get a better yield out of the material. Most of time the customers can make a minor adjustment and are so happy with the savings.

Our team of designers are ready to look over your plans and see if we can save you money during the manufacturing process.

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