Congratulations!  Your new product has been accepted to be sold in a retail store.  Your next step will most likely be to obtain a point-of-purchase display to ensure your product stands out from the rest.  I am sure you are faced with many questions such as:  Where do I go?  Who does the design?  How many of my product can I put on a display?  What material should be used?  How much should the display cost compared to the value of the product?  Can a display help my products’ perceived value to the end user?  What is the minimum order?  How much will the POP display cost?  What happens to my POP display when it reaches the store?To answer the first question of “Where Do I Go?” – Give Polyfab Display Company a call at 703-497-4577.  With Polyfab at your side the POP display process will be painless.  We will help guide you through the POP Display decision process.Over the next several blogs we will help answer those other questions.  In the meantime, if you need to get started right away, give us a call at 703-497-4577.  Obtaining your custom point-of-purchase display is as easy as a phone call.  Our design team and staff are waiting to help you.REQUEST A QUOTE