Wherever business transacts, you will find a display.  Most of us go through our life never really noticing point-of-purchase displays or wondering who made them.  With that being said, the POP designer has done their job . . . helping focus your attention on the product.

Designing a P.O.P or Point-of-Purchase Display is mixture of creativity, functionality and décor.  Many creative masterpieces have been designed to give a countertop display flair, charisma and fashion.  However, when it comes to the POP display’s functionality, it is a flop.

So, it is back to the drawing board to produce another idea.  This process can become very costly and time consuming.  Unless you have a design team on staff or you have a design background, this can be overwhelming.  What if you are a start-up company with a great new product line?  How will you know what type of display a store will accept?  Should it be a countertop display, a free-standing display, a slatwall display, a shelf talker display or something else?  What type of material should be used?  What will fit my budget?

With Polyfab Display Company on your side, we can help walk you through the maze of decisions and create a unique custom display for your product.  We will take in account the environment in which your product will be featured, which will help determine the type of material(s) that should be used along with your budget.  We will also determine how many of your product can be displayed and help you determine if it needs to be a secure display. From there, Polyfab Display Company’s design team will use the most updated designing software to create a custom display for you.  When the design is finished, you will be able to see how the display will look, even before making a prototype!

Is there a cost for creating a display?  The answer is yes.  The small investment you will make in the design and prototype will be offset by the sales of your product.  Additionally, if you place a production order with Polyfab Display Company, we will credit back a portion of your design and prototype costs.  What a deal! Time is ticking by.  Please feel free to stop by our website at www.polyfab-display.com to view some of our custom designs.  Our Case Studies show how we have been able to help other clients.  Better yet, give us a call today at 703-497-4577 to help you with your next custom display project and start realizing your dream.  If you mention this blog article, you will receive 20% off your first design.