How many of my products can I put on a display?  That is a good question.  Determining the number of products to put on a custom point-of-purchase display is going to be sort of unique for each customer.  The answer comes in asking a series of questions.  I will attempt to list the Top 10.

  1. How much space is my retailer going to allow me to occupy with my product?
  2. What is the size of my product?
  3. From how many angles will my product be seen by the consumer once placed in the retail setting?  Is my product going on a shelf and only being seen from the front?  Is my product going on an end-cap and will be seen from the front and both sides?  Is my product going to be on a counter and able to be seen from all sides?
  4. How many of my products is my retailer going to purchase at one time? Does the retailer purchase your product in a case carton or individually?
  5. Do you want to show only one product type on the display or several?  For example, are you only displaying one fragrance of a hand lotion or are you displaying 20 different designs of bookmarks?
  6. Is the display expected to be provided free of charge to the retailer?
  7. What is the value of my product in relation to the cost of the display?
  8. In what type of environment is my product going to be sold?
  9. How much risk am I willing to take if my product is the victim of shoplifting?
  10. Does my display need a storage area?

Hopefully, this gives you some food for thought and answers some of your questions regarding the number of products to showcase on your custom POP display.  Remember, you can always give Polyfab Display Company a call at 703-497-4577 and our design team will be happy to assist you.  If you mention this blog, you can receive 20% off your first custom design.  Give us a call – we are waiting to help you.