Welcome to Part 4 of our series of blogs discussing How to Obtain a Custom Point-of-Purchase

(POP) Display.  Today we will discuss what material should be used for your custom display.

There are several factors that will help us determine the type of plastic material that is right for your application.

1) Budget – Let’s face it – who doesn’t want a custom-designed, top of the line display made from the most revolutionary plastic with a wow factor guaranteed to get not only the customer’s attention to your product but almost guarantees a purchase.  And, on top of that, the custom point-of-purchase display will have an amazing shelf life and remain in style for years to come, all for the price of a good cup of coffee?
While Polyfab Display Company is not a miracle worker, we can help you keep on budget with a custom-designed display that will help draw the customer’s attention to your product.  We will suggest the right material and design.  We will be addressing the cost of your display versus the product on your display in our next blog.  Make sure to come back to learn more.

2) Environment – The type of environment in which your product will be displayed plays an important role in the type of material you should use.

  1. Some retail environments require that your product display matches their decorum.
  2. If your product is geared towards children, you may want to consider a more break-resistant PETG material or consider bright colors for your POP display.
  3. Is your product display going into a more industrial environment?  You may want to consider using ABS or Expanded PVC for break resistance and a more industrial look.  ABS has a great textured surface and rigidity.  Expanded PVC is less expensive and comes in a large variety of colors.
  4. Is your product going into a higher-end environment?  Then your custom point of purchase display may need a thicker, high polished Acrylic.
  5. Perfume and cosmetic displays should be fabricated from a Cast material.
  6. Are you looking for a more green solution with your custom display?  Then maybe you want to pursue a recycled material.

3) Product – What size and weight is your product, and how many do you desire to display?  The larger or wider the Acrylic display, the thicker material you will need to use.  The advantage of Acrylic over glass is that if it breaks, Acrylic will not shatter like glass.  Acrylic also still gives you the clear advantage of glass.  However, Acrylic does not have the rigidity of glass.  Therefore, the longer the piece of Acrylic you are using in the display, the thicker it needs to be so that it will not bow or sag slightly in the middle.

4) Portability – If your custom point-of-purchase display is going to be shipped many times or taken up and down many times, you will definitely want to consider a break-resistant material.  Not all materials can take that type of abuse without breaking.  Using a break-resistant material does not mean that your cost is higher.  In fact, some break-resistant materials are more budget-friendly than the line of Acrylics.  In the end, we can help you compare the look of the display versus the price of the display versus the functionality of the display so you can make the right choice for your product in its intended environment.

5) Attention to your product – No matter which material you select, the display should not be the focus of the consumer’s attention if your display is being used to sell a product.  The custom display should highlight your product in a way that will draw in the consumer and make them want to learn about and buy your product.

However, if your product is a display that a consumer is going to purchase, then the material is the focus of the consumer’s attention.  For example, if you are selling custom serving trays, paperweights, Acrylic furniture, guest towel holders, cutting boards, and such, the material and craftsmanship is what will sell your product.

I hope you have found this article to be helpful.  Please know that our Design Team and Sales Staff are waiting to help you achieve the perfect custom point-of-purchase display for you.  Feel free to visit materials to learn more about the different materials we use to manufacture custom point-of-purchase displays.  While you are on our website, please visit the portfolios for many examples of custom countertop displays, custom free-standing displays, and custom wall mount displays for ideas on your next project.

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