The cost of an Acrylic display case is as wide as there are types of cases.  Many factors contribute to the cost.  Let’s take a look at some of those factors.

  1. Materials

    There are a lot of materials to choose from in building your display case.  As we discussed in our blog, “How to Design a Custom Acrylic Display Case,” the thicker and more colorful materials add to the cost.  However, they could be just what you need for your case in the environment where it will be located.  Most Acrylic display cases are fabricated from clear Acrylic.  Other materials can be incorporated in the display, such as Acrylic Mirror; colored Acrylic such as black, red, white, fluorescent, marble, glitter, frosted, metallic, translucent, granite, or pearlescent; ABS and styrene.

  2. Accessories/Hardware

    Most Acrylic display cases require built-in hardware such as locks, turntables for rotational displays, channels for sliding doors, hinges for doors, bumpons or rubber feet to keep the display from sliding on the counter, sign holders for headers, sign channels for product information, hooks or racks to hang product, knobs, standoffs, and lights.  There are many styles and colors available in each of these categories.  The additional cost depends on which ones you select.

  3. Branding

    Adding logos or graphics can impact the cost of your display anywhere from $.75 to $5.00 a unit on most displays.  A one-color logo is less expensive than a four-color logo.  Screen-printing is less expensive than laser etching.  We believe that branding your Acrylic display case has advantages.  It allows the consumer to quickly identify your product creating a higher chance they will purchase your product over your competitors’ products.  Another advantage is that it keeps other products from being merchandised in the display you purchased. There is always a one-time setup fee, which you will need to amortize over the number of displays you are purchasing along with your sales.  If you are not able to brand your display, you may be able to add a header for less and still accomplish drawing the consumer’s eyes to your product.

  4. Size

    How small or large is your Acrylic display case?  Are you looking for a countertop display case, a wall-mount display case, a slatwall display case, or a floor-stand display case?  As a general guideline, the larger the display, the higher the cost.  With that said, a small countertop display fabricated from the most expensive materials could cost as much as a simple floor-stand display.

  5. Quantity

    Another major factor in the cost is the quantity you are looking to purchase.  The larger the quantity you are able to purchase, the less the cost.  Polyfab has several options here to assist you with your larger Acrylic display case order.  If storage is an issue, we can help you by storing your completed order in our warehouse facility.  We are even able to drop ship the case directly to your customer or your store for a minimal handling fee.  If you need the shipment to be confidential, we can blind-ship so all the paperwork only shows your name to your customer.  Other options are available, if needed, and can be discussed with your sales representative.  So do not let low quantity orders cost you money.

As you can see, there is not a set-in-stone price for a custom Acrylic display case.  However, if your budget is tight, you could consider a stock display case.

Although Polyfab Display Company specializes in custom Acrylic display cases, we also offer a variety of stock cases that may fit your product and your budget.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.