If you’re at all familiar with retail space design, you’ve likely come across slatwall. Also known as slotwall,¬†slatwall is a shopfitting building material for display fixtures and wall coverings. A slatwall is made up of panels; each panel fabricated with horizontal grooves that are designed to accept a variety of accessories.

Slatwall panels are traditionally made from MDF or medium-density fiberboard. They’re often finished with melamine paper, either laminated or pressed onto both sides. The horizontal grooves are then machined onto the fiberboard and either painted or filled with plastic or aluminum inserts.

People love slatwall, because it’s incredibly versatile. Incorporating it into your retail space design gives you maximum use of wall space, and you have infinite display options for almost any type of merchandise you’re selling.

Types of Slatwall Accessories

Are you in charge of figuring out what to do with your store’s slatwall? Goodness, there are hundreds of slatwall accessories to choose from. From shelves, hooks, and pucks to hanging bars and waterfall arms, you have infinite options to display your merchandise on the wall.

Over the past several years, we’ve had fun designing all kinds of slatwall accessories for our clients. From acrylic bins and paper trays to eyewear and handbag displays, we’re happy to help you think through your options.

We encourage you to check out our portfolio of common slatwall accessories. We’re happy to design anything custom you’re looking for as well.