Take a look inside at our Custom Acrylic Display Machinery!

Look at ’em go!

We’re proud of our custom manufacturing facility in Woodbridge, Virginia

Recently, we took out our video camera to document some of our favorite machines. Without these bad boys, we wouldn’t be able to slice and dice and shape and mold plastics nearly as well.

SCM Sigma 90 D Plus 3200

A versatile, consistent and overall reliable precision horizontal panel saw. With a 126″ cutting length, this machine helps us cut your parts quickly, efficiently and most importantly, accurately.


Northwood 2-Head CNC Router

A precision cutting machine. The Northwood router helps us cut shapes, letters and numbers. It also helps us to drill and countersink holes, to bullnose edges, to cut 45 degree mitered edges, to engrave and more. Any of our more creative point-of-purchase displays go through this machine at one point or another. It’s versatility makes is a fun one to use.

Bermaq Edge Polishing Machine

If your Acrylic needs polishing, this is the machine for you. Even on high production runs, the Bermaq produces a clean, high-quality polished edge.