Just as there are a multitude of point-of-purchase (POP) display case designs to choose from, so are there a multitude of options you have for ordering a POP display unit for your company.

You might not need anything fancy. Perhaps you already have an AutoCAD drawing, and you’re simply looking for somebody to fulfill a specific order – say, 850 units – to send to a specific address. That’s easy.

Or perhaps you don’t yet have a design and are looking for some expert guidance as to what material you should use, what dimensions or features you might need, and what this whole process actually looks like. Also easy.

Of course, you might need something more complex.

We once worked with Burger King to help showcase their new selection of fast-food pies. Here’s how our relationship panned out:

1) We helped produce an AutoCAD drawing based on Burger King’s requirements

2) We then created a prototype and ultimately manufactured a line of custom countertop display units specifically for this project.

3) We created a secure, online order form that Burger King corporate and franchise stores could individually order and pay for their POP display units.

4) Burger King shipped background stickers, headers, empty pie boxes, and instruction sheets to our Woodbridge, VA facility. We applied background stickers by hand to each POP display unit, individually packing each case with an instruction sheet, header, and two of each pie box varieties per Burger King’s instructions.

5) The POP display cases were drop-shipped to each specific corporate or franchised store.

Easy? Not as simple as the first two examples, but still a straightforward and streamlined process that worked well for both us and our customer, Burger King.

Polyfab is willing to work with you! Even if you think your process is complex, we’re happy to help talk you through your options, things like:

  • bulk ordering
  • repeat orders
  • drop-shipping